Compete Smart Opportunities Assessment

Compete Smart Opportunities Assessment


Learn Where Your Marketing Opportunities Exist To Increase Revenues


Compete Smart's Opportunities Assessment was developed for organizations and professionals wanting to cost-effectively and quickly learn where opportunities exist to maximize marketing efficiency, improve marketing exposure and increase revenues.

Using a detailed checklist and summarizing in an easy to read report outlining areas of opportunity, the assessment gauges where the most impactful areas of improvement can be found and provides ideas for next steps.

Utilize the analysis to zero-in on opportunities and implement appropriate enhancements to increase revenues by strengthening your marketing ecosystem.

the marketing ecosystem: everything needed, working in harmony, to efficiently and effectively expose your initiatives and capabilities to thrive, not just survive (branding, storytelling, tools, engagement, strategic planning, SEO, social media, websites, etc.)


Areas and opportunities assessed, but are not limited to:

Website • Branding & Storytelling

LinkedIn Presence • Social Media Presence

Logos & Graphics • Creative

Products & Services Summaries • Content Writing

Engagement (Email, Text, Etc.) Tools • Newsletters 

SEO • Corporate Social Responsibility

And Much More



    Assessment Includes:

    • Analysis Of Your Marketing Ecosystem (Website, Branding, Storytelling, Collateral, Social Media, etc.)
    • Detailed Report Outlining Areas Of Opportunity
    • Ideas & Vetted Solutions For Next Steps
    • 5-7 Day Turnaround

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