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Our Mission:

To serve businesses and professionals with vetted tools, knowledge, coaching, strategy and implementation to maximize efficiency, improve marketing exposure, increase revenue and grow brands.


The Compete Smart Hub — strengthening your marketing ecosystem
Tools • Knowledge  Coaching  Strategy • Implementation



the marketing ecosystem: everything needed, working in harmony, to efficiently and effectively expose your initiatives and capabilities to thrive, not just survive (branding, storytelling, tools, engagement, strategic planning, SEO, social media, websites, etc.)



How We Serve:

Tools - Knowledge - Coaching - Strategy - Implementation

Vetted Tools - Each year, Compete Smart invests hundreds of hours vetting, researching and testing technology and resources to find the most dynamic, capable and complete tools and solutions so organizations and professionals can quickly and effectively select the right solutions they need, the first time, for long-term success.


Extensive Knowledge - With 10+ years of experiences working with and supporting hundreds of organizations, from startups to multi-billion dollar hospitals and universities, the Compete Smart Team leverages the many successes and failures it has seen to increase efficiency and expedite success for others.


Impact Coaching - To help maximize the marketing ecosystem, Compete Smart provides unlimited coaching, feedback and support leveraging hundreds of experiences to help organizations and professionals elevate their operations, initiatives and revenues to the next level.


Strategy Development - To help organizations reach goals and maximize opportunities and outcomes, Compete Smart provides strategic planning for short-term and long-term growth.


Implementation - After seeing too many organizations and professionals invest money into technology, tools and solutions they didn't fully utilize for weeks, months or even years, Compete Smart developed full setup and concierge implementation programs with initial management and administration included to allow organizations and professionals to minimize time and staff needed, while expediting and maximizing use, efficiency, and effectiveness for immediate and long-term success.


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Summary Of Solutions: 

Web Design • Social Media Marketing

Linkedin Marketing • Graphic Design • Creative

Brand Activation • Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Impact • Cause Marketing • Text Marketing

Pay Per Click • SEO • Email Marketing

Coaching & Strategy • Implementation

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