The Compete Smart Membership Program


Compete Smart Membership. Unlimited coaching, strategy and support.
Developed for businesses and professionals looking to grow.


Unlimited Coaching, Strategy & Support To Maximize Efficiency, Improve Marketing Exposure, Increase Revenue And Grow Your Brand

Cost-effectively fusing advanced marketing knowledge, experience, guidance and concierge services with sound marketing principles and feedback.



The Compete Smart Membership was developed to provide forward-thinking businesses, organizations and professionals with cost-effective, unlimited support to help think through opportunities and strategize next steps to maximize efficiency, improve marketing exposure, increase revenue and grow your brand by strengthening the marketing ecosystem.


the marketing ecosystem: everything needed, working in harmony, to efficiently and effectively expose your initiatives and capabilities to thrive, not just survive (branding, storytelling, tools, engagement, strategic planning, SEO, social media, websites, etc.)


 Give Back Nation Membership Support

Areas open to strategy and support, but are not limited to:

Web Design • Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing • Graphic Design • Creative

Brand Activation • Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Impact • Cause Marketing • Text Marketing

Pay Per Click • SEO • Email Marketing

And Much More



    Membership Includes:

    • Dedicated Growth Manager
    • Unlimited Calls & Email Support
    • Unlimited Coaching, Guidance, Strategy & Feedback
    • Twenty Percent Savings On Strategic Planning, Projects & Campaigns



      Two Cost-Effective Options:

      Compete Smart Three Month Marketing Membership


      Compete Smart Twelve Month Marketing Membership to increase revenues







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